In the Community

The King-king Copper-Gold Project continuously seeks the active engagement and support of the local community. Since we began exploration and environmental-review activities in mid-2010, we have established a robust community relations program to educate the community about our project, understand community needs and establish programs and partnerships to help meet those needs.

As we develop the King-king Copper-Gold Project, we commit to:
  • Responsibly and ethically manage our relationships with the community.
  • Be accountable for the effects and potential consequences our actions have on the community
  • Value cultural heritage; respect the traditional rights of indigenous peoples; and, acknowledge and accommodate cultural differences, preferences and lifestyles.
  • Promote open, honest communication with the communities; consider their perceptions, opinions and concerns in our decision-making process throughout the life cycle of our operations.
  • Advance the sustainable development of host communities by forming local partnerships and improve economic benefits.
  • Support sustainable community-based projects.
  • Review our performance in the communities and communicate our progress to all stakeholders.

Health Care

One of King-king Copper-Gold Projectís objectives is to deliver free health and medical care and services to financially constrained community people of Pantukan and provide free medicines to those diagnosed with ailments, including immunization of infants and small children to safeguard them against diseases. Our medical outreach clinics and programs to the municipalities within Compostela Valley in partnership with local government and health officials, small-scale miners associations and the Mansaka Tribal Council is a continuing effort to meet this objective.

All services of our ambulance and paramedics are for free.

The project has proudly participated in efforts to alleviate malnutrition and promote health by providing proper nutrition to local school children through feeding programs in partnership with the school administration, Parents-Teachers Association and the Municipal Nutrition Council.

Affordable Housing

We have teamed with Gawad Kalinga to provide funding for affordable housing units in Pantukan. This effort is part of a province-wide program to house the homeless


King-king Copper-Gold Project employs highly skilled work force and is run by some of the top industry leaders that have a proven record of discovering, exploring and developing valuable assets that require an overall understanding of the industry that only majors can provide. Our expert team is fortified with both the technical and financial experience that is essential to being a leader in the mining industry as well as building shareholder value for our investors.

We have already hired more than 200 employees from the indigenous and local communities since January 2011. We anticipate hiring 4,000 to 6,000 more during construction of the mine. During operation we anticipate employing about 2,000 people. The King-king Copper-Gold Project, along with the Philippine Government thru the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) will encourage local hiring of the operation workforce and utilize TESDA training programs for the improvement and development of the required skills.

KCGPís long term vision is to provide the workers with enough skills that will make them not only efficient in the mining industry but in other future endeavors as well. The TESDA training will pave way for the mine workers to be employed by other industries here in the Philippines and abroad thus making them self-sufficient and not solely dependent on the mining industry.

King-king Copper-Gold Project works closely with community officials and Mansaka tribal leaders and is keen to provide opportunities for local residents. Our community guide program, in which residents accompany staff on their field studies, is a great example of this. The guides serve an important community outreach function and help educate Pantukan residents about the project.


King-king Copper-Gold Project is committed in investing in the growth and development of the community through education and to encourage Pantukanís growth by helping the young people have a brighter future.

We have provided generous scholarships, including housing allowances, to the young members of the Mansaka tribe and Pantukan community so they are able to attend college or vocational school. The scholars were selected with the involvement and endorsement of the tribal council and local Barangay Council. We have also provided internship opportunities at our offices for several of the scholars.

Looking after the welfare of the indigent students gives them a better chance in school thus better chance in life.

KCGP is committed to long-term educational enhancement with the managementís desire that the students of the impact communities will one day become future employees of KCGP.